Twitter & Learning Curves

After quitting Facebook last year, I had some withdrawal from the constant updates on events and people.  So, I decided to join Twitter.  I am not much of a tweet-er, I am on Twitter to get updates on things that are happening.  I continue my online lurking in the Twitter arena.  I am not the most tech-savvy person, but I am also not a complete Luddite.  I comfortably straddle that line.  With this in mind, I haven’t really explored the tweeting side of Twitter.  So, when this assignment came up of re-tweeting five things with a new hash tag of #si643, I came across some difficulties.  

First, I didn’t realize that when I set up the account I made it private so that no one could see my tweets ( as few as they were).  So, when I searched for my #si643 tags this afternoon and they didn’t come up, I was baffled.  Not until someone mentioned that I might have a locked account, did I actually notice the little icon of a lock next to my name.  Many password attempts later and I was on my way to completing this assignment.

The other issue that I had with RT was how to actually accomplish this while adding your own hash tags.  It took me awhile (and a few RT that didn’t ‘count’ toward the assignment) before I realized that copying and pasting was an acceptable way to do this.

My whole point with focusing on these little tech issues is that I think that we sometimes forget how complex a lot of the SNS are for people.  After using them for so long, it becomes second nature to most, but this is a learned behavior, something that you had to grow accustom to.  I probably would have figured out that my account was locked (although it may not have been for awhile), but this assignment really pushed me to aquaint myself with Twitter in a way that I just wasn’t doing on my own.

As for the librarians to follow, I was doing that all along.  I am interested in the world, so I did that when I joined.  Although I am not so interested in the singular person accounts.  I like to follow institutional or organizational accounts like In the Library with a Lead Pipe, TeenLibraryToolbox and Library as Incubator.  I think that is because they give multiple perspectives while also reporting on events happening in the field.  


About mainvils

I am a first year UMSI graduate student specializing in LIS and Preservation of Information.
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6 Responses to Twitter & Learning Curves

  1. Did facebook switch to the news feed style on the user’s home page before or after twitter? They change so often that it is hard to keep up. I think that both platforms have the same advantages and disadvantages of keeping up with people in that both can be used to disseminate real news and inanities.

  2. Tim K 643 says:

    It’s funny, the copy-paste retweeting method (“manual retweeting”) that we had to do to incorporate the #si643 tag into the posts is so frowned-upon that Twitter briefly blocked my account for doing it five times in quick succession. To unblock my account I had to indicate that I had read and understood a sternly-worded explanation of why it is annoying to other users to indiscriminately “mention” them in my tweets.

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