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Full Circle () : Professional Development and the coming of summer

Its that time again, finishing up the term, classes, projects, paper.  I find this time of year difficult because I am so busy that I don’t have time to actually enjoy the classes that I grew to enjoy over the … Continue reading

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Twitter & Learning Curves

After quitting Facebook last year, I had some withdrawal from the constant updates on events and people.  So, I decided to join Twitter.  I am not much of a tweet-er, I am on Twitter to get updates on things that … Continue reading

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Musing on Class–April Fool’s Edition

I found the discussion around effective and not very effective webinars in class very helpful.  Prior to last week, I had not used a webinar.  The one that I watched had potential, but was really uninteresting to watch.  In addition, … Continue reading

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Webinars, embedded librarians and teaching by subject

Last week we completed our one-shot workshop sessions and it brought up an issue that I always seem to have in teaching situations, lack of time. When I started teaching English to non-native speakers, I routinely encountered this issue.  I … Continue reading

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