Socratic Seminars & Book Club Revival

The idea of Socratic Seminars are particularly interesting.  Teaching students that through doubt and systematic questioning of another person, one can reach an “ultimate Truth.”  This is an exciting idea that we could teach in a way where students will become critical thinkers while also deepening their understanding of materials. ACTIVE LEARNING!!!!

Then to take this to a public library book club is even more interesting.  This type of discussion can be extremely empowering however, it can be quite a challenge for the participants.  It pushes them beyond their comfort levels on top of which the exhaustion of doing this with people you may not know.  To do this at a public library would be rather tricky and would depend on the participants.  If I were to implement this I would want to use a reading that is short but controversial so that people would have feelings about it either way.  However, this could blow up in my face as people may be emotionally invested in the topic.  I would like to see this played out (as an observer and a participant) before I actually tried to facilitate one by myself.

Any ideas where I could do this???


About mainvils

I am a first year UMSI graduate student specializing in LIS and Preservation of Information.
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