Reflection about Class

I was glad that we looked into the content of the McGonigal TedTalk.  She was stating a lot of grand ideas that we didn’t get a chance to discuss in class.  It was also nice to hear my peers’ POV.  I would have liked to hear McGonigal give more explanation on how she was going to get users to play these games.  In addition, I want to hear more about the success (or lack of) with the games that were released.

In terms of transfer, I am really glad that we discussed how to do this and what might qualify as transfer.  One of my biggest questions that came out of the reading was how to do this within the setting of the library.  I was interested in how this would look and the challenges that librarians may face.

Finally, it was great to talk (and hear about) the different ideas that are floating around the different LIS blogs.  It was somewhat of a relief to hear that other people had issues with infrequent blog posts or just blogs that were just not that interesting to read.


About mainvils

I am a first year UMSI graduate student specializing in LIS and Preservation of Information.
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