Monday Evening Post #2

In class we discussed (in small groups and as a whole) many aspects to information literacy and the general confusing nature of definitions that surround the different literacies.  As usual in my classes, I am in awe of my classmates.  So many thoughtful responses and useful life experiences.  The point about having students choose relevant research projects was particularly poignant.  The projects that I found the most stimulating and interesting (and that I still remember) are the ones where I got to choose the topic.

Another aspect of our conversation is how libraries need to be a part of the larger instructional arc, not just the initial research aspect.  This is something that I really would like to address in my future career.  I see libraries as being so many things for their communities and dislike being pigeonholed as merely a place to start research.  It excites me when I see programming in our local library that addresses different aspects of community needs and instruction.  For example, the Ypsilanti District Libraries’ Reskilling Series that addresses different skill sets that the community may be interested in.  Next week, they will be hosting a beekeeping workshop.  The idea that the library could host classes or workshops put on by various community members is really interesting and exciting.

The possibilities are endless!


About mainvils

I am a first year UMSI graduate student specializing in LIS and Preservation of Information.
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