ImageThe “Creating the One-Shot Library Workshop” was an interesting read.  I have had some experience creating something similar to a workshop, but the method behind it wasn’t as thoughtful as presented in this book.  It usually involved hours sitting at a desk by myself browsing the Internet for sample work.  I like the idea of using Instructional Design to create a workshop.  The structure of the process (Analysis, Design, Development, Implement and Evaluate) speak to me.  Although group work is not for everyone, I enjoy doing it and getting feedback.  The result usually seems stronger than anything that I could have produced on my own.  However, I wonder what is the likelihood of getting a (consistent) group together to create a workshop.  In my experience, people are stretched pretty thin and might not want to do extra work.  Especially when it comes to teaching!  However, maybe this weeds out the fainthearted, leaving only the strong-willed who would be excellent group members.

I was impressed by all the different processes for design.  Allowing for different mehtods of creation will appeal to a wider group of people.  I like the idea of working individually with a sounding board.

After reading Patrick Griffis’ “Building Pathfinders with Free Screen Capture Tools” I was excited to try out making a screen capture, but I wasn’t sure what I would do.  Then I instantly thought of my mom. She calls me quite often with questions on how do various tasks on the computer.  She is fairly new to computers and is struggling with translating her  offline skills to the digital world, like writing an email.  So, I thought that I could make her a screen cast of a computer skill, like how to write an email.  I could then use her as a sounding board for how well the screen cast worked.  I know that she will be share her thoughts honestly and it would fill a real-world need.  However, this wouldn’t work well for hardware issues like when she can’t figure out why her volume isn’t working even though the speakers are on and turned all the way up.



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I am a first year UMSI graduate student specializing in LIS and Preservation of Information.
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  1. wampish says:

    You know, it never occurred to me to use screencasts when acting as my mom’s unofficial tech support, but that’s an excellent idea! She quite likes editing photos, but despite having access to the program, never uses photoshop, because she finds the interface too difficult to navigate. A screencast would be an excellent way to get her started, especially because it could be tailored directly to her needs.

    Which makes me wonder about the use of screencasts as a general learning tool versus a targeted learning tool, and which would be most suitable in a public library setting. I suppose, as with most things, it would depend on the context. It would be interesting to study any such efforts put forth in a large library versus similar efforts in a smaller setting, I think.

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